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  DES/SEC-002311 ES 201 158   SEC
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  TB decision to make document historical (2016-03-14) 1.1.2 1998-05-31 View Standstill Information 1996-03-26
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Bernd Adams Maurice Pope No
Title Telecommunications security; Lawful Interception (LI); Requirements for network functions
Requirements for lawful interception (LI) network functions 
Scope and Field
of Application
The requirements for legal interception (see reference) provide for a
set of general requirements for the interception of telecommunications
by law enforcement and state security agencies. These requirements
will be used as a basis for the technical work. In their present form,
however, they are not suitable for immediate implementation in
telecommunications systems and require transformation to technically
useful statements or requirements prior to standardization.
This transformation process will consist of three steps:
Step 1: Define user requirements
Step 2: Define network requirements
Step 3: Define handover interface(s)
This ETR covers step 2 above.
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Official Journal
2016-03-21 lavigne It has been superseded by more recent related ETSI document(s).
    Resolution of the Council of the European Union on the lawfulinterception of telecommunications, of 17th January 1995.
    STAG 12 (96) 462
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