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Details of 'REN/SES-00319' Work Item
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  REN/SES-00319 EN 301 444   SES SCN
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  No more cited in the OJ (2016-09-30) 1.2.1 2012-01-26 View Standstill Information 2009-05-06
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Daniel Tesfagaber Bernt Mattsson Yes View Transposition Data
Title Satellite Earth Stations and Systems (SES); Harmonized EN for Land Mobile Earth Stations (LMES) operating in the 1,5 GHz and 1,6 GHz bands providing voice and/or data communications covering essential requirements of article 3.2 of the R&TTE directive
Harm EN 301 444 for Mobile Earth Stations covering L-band and extended L-band. 
Scope and Field
of Application
Following the WRC-03 decision to allocate to MSS the bands 1518-1525 MHz (downlink) and 1668-1675 MHz (uplink) and the conclusions of WRC-07, this contribution is to propose the necessary changes to harmonise the use of these extended frequency bands by LMESs.

The proposed changes specify additional out-of-band emission and spurious requirements for LMESs that can operate in the additional 1668 MHz to 1675 MHz frequency band made available by the WRC-03/07 decisions.
EADS Astrium SAS, Hughes Network Systems, Inmarsat and Thales 


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
  Content delivery
Wireless Systems
MSS Earth stations (1,6315 GHz to 1,6345 GHz)
MSS Earth stations (1,6565 GHz to 1,6605 GHz)
MSS Earth stations (1,555 GHz to 1,559 GHz)
MSS Earth stations (1,525 GHz to 1,544 GHz)
Official Journal
2012-04-11 2012/C104/15  
2010-11-25 mattsson A new draft is uploaded -
2010-11-25 mattsson A new draft is uploaded -

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