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Transposition and Withdrawal 2024-06-18
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Explanation of Field Transposition Dates

After the publication of an EN or ETS standard, NSO countries are given an amount of time to transpose this document into their countries. There are 3 important deadlines (default dates):

  • DOA (Date of Announcement)
    The target date of announcement is 3 months from the end of the month in which a document was adopted.

  • DOP/E (Date of Publication/Endorsement)
    The target date of publication/endorsement is 6 months after the target date of approval.

  • DOW (Date of Withdrawal)
    The target date of withdrawal is also 6 months after the target date of approval.

Using this application, NSO representatives can update the achieved date of announcement, date of publication/endorsement, and date of withdrawal for the country they represent.

Note for NSOs:
In some cases, the Technical Body decides to use other transposition dates then the default dates (3 months/6 months/6 months). For this reason, the target dates displayed here might be different from the target dates appearing in the document. In case of a conflict in interpretation of the dates, the dates mentioned in the document precedence.