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ETSI Deliverables

Work in ETSI is done on the basis of ETSI work items, approved by the Technical Body and adopted by the ETSI membership.

A work item results in one deliverable (sometimes more than one), which can be a standard or a  specification, a guide or a report.

ETSI has a suite of specifications, standards and reports that fulfil the various needs of the market, viz.

  • ETSI TS (ETSI Technical Specification) and ETSI TR (ETSI Technical Report) - adopted by the responsible Technical Body
  • ETSI ES (ETSI Standard) and ETSI EG (ETSI Guide) - adopted after ETSI membership weighted voting
  • ETSI EN (European Standard) - adopted after ETSI membership national weighted voting
  • ETSI SR (ETSI Special Report) - an information document used for various purposes, including giving public availability to information not produce within a Technical Body
  • ETSI GS (ETSI Group Specification) and GR (ETSI Group Report) - produced by an Industry Specification Group

NOTE: The skeletons of each specification are available here.

This suite of deliverables fulfils the needs for

  • high quality specifications delivered early to the market (ETSI TS)
  • high quality standards supported by the whole ETSI global membership (ETSI ES)
  • European harmonization (ETSI EN).

The numbering convention used by ETSI to link related documents at these various "levels" simplifies their market application.