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Agreement Details
Name of Agreement & External Body Memorandum of Understanding with ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) of CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations)
Type Memorandum of Understanding
External Bodies details
Standard Partner : ECC ;   Restricted
Secretariat contact point Dr. Michael SharpeRestricted
Link to External Bodies Web site
Full text of Agreement http://portal.etsi.org/docbox/Partners/Agreements/ECC_MoU_2016.pdf  Restricted
Annex (Mapping of Active Relationships / Areas of technical cooperation) https://cept.org/ecc/ecc-and-etsi
Organizations Contacts
Secretary : Mr. Scott Craig ;   Restricted
Chairman : Mr. Woolford Chris ;   Restricted
Other : Mr. Afonso JaimeMr. Christensen Per ;   Restricted
Co-operation Process http://https://portal.etsi.org/Portals/0/TBpages/ERM/Docs/ECC-ETSI cooperation process-2018 final.pdf
ETSI Bodies and
Working Groups concerned

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