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Details of 'RES/MTS-1194V151' Work Item
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  RES/MTS-1194V151 ES 203 119-4 T013 MTS
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  Publication (2022-05-31) 1.5.1 2022-05-31 View Standstill Information 2020-08-13
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Philip Makedonski Emmanuelle Chaulot-Talmon No
Title Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS); The Test Description Language (TDL); Part 4: Structured Test Objective Specification ( Extension)
Structured Test Objective Specification with TDL 
Scope and Field
of Application
Test purposes play an essential role in test specification processes at ETSI. Currently, test purposes are specified in TPLan or TPLan-like notations, whereas TDL treats test purposes, and test objectives in general as informal text without any additional structural constraints. TC MTS sees TDL as an opportunity to integrate and unify the means for the specification of test purposes and test descriptions, while relying on the same underlying meta-model and benefiting from other related technologies built around this meta-model.

This extension package for TDL defines means for the refined and formalised test objective specification within TDL by incorporating concepts and a syntactical notation related to TPLan. Activities in this work item will include the definition of abstract syntax and semantics extensions for TDL, as well as a concrete syntax covering these extensions. Future work may pursue activities towards guidelines for realising test objectives in test descriptions and validation constraints for ensuring consistency between test descriptions and realised test objectives.
Siemens AG, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Spirent Communications, Cinderella ApS, OU Elvior, Ericsson Hungary Ltd 


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Official Journal
2022-02-21 chaulottalmo TB approval proposal in contribution MTS(22)085006 was Accepted by MTS (see RC MTS(22)DEC069)
2022-01-17 makedonski Draft contributed - V 1.4.4 contributed for Decision in MTS(22)085006 as Final draft for approval
2022-01-17 makedonski A new draft is uploaded - V 1.4.4 with status: Final draft for approval
2021-09-22 makedonski Draft contributed - V 1.4.3 contributed for Decision in MTS(21)084006 as Stable draft
2021-09-22 makedonski A new draft is uploaded - V 1.4.3 with status: Stable draft
2021-05-03 makedonski Draft contributed - V 1.4.2 contributed for Decision in MTS(21)083004 as Early draft
2021-05-03 makedonski A new draft is uploaded - V 1.4.2 with status: Early draft
2020-08-31 CHAULOTT TB adoption of WI MTS, see contribution MTS(20)000039 in RC MTS(20)DEC059
2020-08-13 CHAULOTT WI proposed to TB MTS, see contribution MTS(20)000039
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