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  RGR/QKD-007ed2_Vocab GR QKD 007   QKD
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  Early draft (2021-11-18) 1.3.2 Draft   View Standstill Information 2019-11-03
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  Martin Ward Sonia Compans No
Title Quantum Key Distribution (QKD); Vocabulary Revision
Scope and Field
of Application
The present document collects together definitions and abbreviations used in relation to Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and ETSI ISG-QKD documents. QKD introduces new concepts and technologies to the field of telecommunications and considerable related vocabulary. Many terms derive from the wider fields of quantum physics and classical cryptography but in some cases terms assume a modified or more specific meaning when applied to QKD.
The main objectives of the present document are:
to improve the consistency with which terminology and abbreviations are used within ISG-QKD documents;
to provide a reference document to reduce confusion by readers who may not be familiar with QKD.
Most definitions and abbreviations come from ISG-QKD Group Specifications and Group Reports or are expected to be used in future documents. The terms included have been selected to focus the present document on those that are expected to be of widespread use or where consistency is felt to be particularly important, e.g. due to a specific risk of confusion. Terms introduced in a single ISG-QKD document for a specific purpose that is local to that document are excluded unless of particular importance. 
BMWi, Facultad de Informatica, INRIM, HUAWEI TECH. GmbH, Toshiba, DCMS 


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  Quantum Key Distribution
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2021-11-18 wardmarti Draft contributed - V 1.3.2 contributed for Discussion in QKD(21)031008 as Early draft
2021-11-18 WARDMARTI A new draft is uploaded - V 1.3.2 with status: Early draft
2021-05-04 wardmarti Draft contributed - V 1.3.1 contributed for Discussion in QKD(21)029ra001 as Early draft
2021-05-04 WARDMARTI A new draft is uploaded - V 1.3.1 with status: Early draft
2020-05-04 wardmarti Draft contributed - V 1.2.1 contributed for Discussion in QKD(20)027f005 as Early draft
2020-05-04 WARDMARTI A new draft is uploaded - V 1.2.1 with status: Early draft
2019-12-05 WARDMART TB adoption of WI QKD, see contribution QKD(19)027010r1
2019-12-05 WARDMART WI proposed to TB QKD, see contribution QKD(19)027010r1
2019-11-03 WARDMART WI proposed to TB QKD, see contribution QKD(19)027010
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