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Details of 'RGR/NFV-IFA015ed331' Work Item
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  RGR/NFV-IFA015ed331 GR NFV-IFA 015 570 NFV IFA
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  Publication (2020-02-24) 3.3.1 2020-02-24 View Standstill Information 2018-12-06
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Peter Worndle Laurent Vreck No
Title Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Release 3; Management and Orchestration; Report on NFV Information Model
Info Model Report 
Scope and Field
of Application
This revision of NFV-IFA 015 maintains the deliverable into NFV Release 3.
This edition will maintain the information model to support all Release 3 features, and will extend the scope of the former edition.
This Work Item will build upon the Information Elements developed in the latest versions of IFA Work Items IFA004, IFA005, IFA006, IFA007, IFA008, IFA011, IFA012, IFA013 and IFA014 and translate them into a UML NFV Information Model. The NFV Information Model will present a consolidated view of NFV Management and Orchestration model. It will use information from:
Network Service Templates information elements, produced by IFA014
VNF Descriptor information elements produced by IFA011
Informatiom elements related to acceleration resource management produced by IFA004
Information elements produced by IFA005, IFA006, IFA007, IFA008, IFA012 and IFA013.
The WI deliverable shall be informative even it consolidates the normative information elements from the Work Items listed above. The output deliverable will include the UML NFV Information Model as an electronic attachment. The format of the model will be the Papyrus Open Source format. 
Orange, Ericsson LM, TELEFONICA S.A., DOCOMO Communications Lab., Verizon UK Ltd 


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Official Journal
2020-02-21 vreck Final draft for approval proposal in contribution NFV(20)000012 was Accepted by NFV
2020-01-24 makedonski Draft contributed - V 3.3.0 contributed for Decision in NFV(20)000012 as Final draft for approval
2020-01-24 makedonski A new draft is uploaded - V 3.3.0 with status: Final draft for approval - with comment: Target for approval at NFV_29
2019-09-23 vreck WI Revision. 1 WI created with Ref: RGR/NFV-IFA015ed341. Comments copied = No, Schedule copied = Default
2019-07-02 vreck Early draft proposal in contribution NFVIFA(19)000592r1 was Withdrawn by NFV IFA
2019-06-25 makedonski Draft contributed - V 3.1.2 contributed for Decision in NFVIFA(19)000592r1 as Early draft
2019-06-25 makedonski Early draft proposal in contribution NFVIFA(19)000592 was Revised by NFV IFA
2019-06-25 makedonski A new draft is uploaded - V 3.1.2 with status: Early draft - with comment: Updated version numbers to v3.1.2 according to feedback (See previous draft for further description)
2019-06-21 makedonski Draft contributed - V 3.3.1 contributed for Decision in NFVIFA(19)000592 as Early draft
2019-06-21 makedonski A new draft is uploaded - V 3.3.1 with status: Early draft - with comment: All related documents including Papyrus artefacts packaged as a single archive. Gendoc issues result in repeated figure and table names in generated document.
2019-04-15 clarkel Draft file Deleted - Version 2.6.2 in file NFV-IFA015ed331v262.zip has been permanently deleted
2019-04-12 bhyrraju A new draft is uploaded - V 2.6.2 with status: Early draft - with comment: 271 first draft
2018-12-20 VRECK TB adoption of WI NFV, see contribution NFV(18)000346 in RC NFV(18)DEC100
2018-12-06 VRECK WI proposed to TB NFV, see contribution NFV(18)000346
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