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Details of 'PWI_NFVIFA_1815_v1' Work Item

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  WI noted by WG (2019-01-11)     View Standstill Information 2018-12-04
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  Haitao Xia Laurent Vreck No
Title Network Function Virtualisation (NFV); Management and Orchestration; Report on Multi-tenancy management in NFV-MANO
Scope and Field
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Scope of work to be undertaken: Multi-tenancy management is a fundamental functionality which is widely applied in NFV-MANO and also originally planned by ISG NFV. In order to remove the gap between the existing IFA010 functional requriements on multi-tenancy management and the missing interface functions for supporting those requirements, this work item proposes to study multi-tenancy management related use cases in NFV-MANO, which assists for the existing IFA010 multi-tenancy management requriements, and be further enhanced with multi-tenancy management scenarios in correlated Release 3 features like FEAT08 multi-domain NS provisioing, FEAT18 security orchestration. Key issues on multi-tenancy management in NFV-MANO will be identified and analyzed for concluding the recommendations for the normative work. 
Huawei Tech.(UK) Co., Ltd 


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2019-05-09 vreck This PWI looks like a leftover from NFV#24 plenary (Dec 2018). The propsal was not carried over at the NFV#25 plenary. --> Proceeding to Workprogramme cleanup, removing this PWI from the portal.
2019-01-11 XIAHA WI noted by WG NFV IFA, see contribution NFVIFA(18)0001082
2018-12-04 XIAHA WI proposed to WG NFV IFA, see contribution NFVIFA(18)0001082

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