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Details of 'REN/ERM-TGUWB-150-1-1' Work Item
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  REN/ERM-TGUWB-150-1-1 EN 302 065-1-1   ERM TGUWB
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  Early draft (2021-11-08) 0.0.1 Draft   View Standstill Information 2018-06-21
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Dries Neirynck Igor Minaev Yes
Title Short Range Devices (SRD) using Ultra Wide Band technology (UWB); Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum; Part 1-1: Requirements for generic UWB communication applications
Generic UWB Communication 
Scope and Field
of Application
This work item to amend the former version EN 302 065-1 V2.1.1 is targeted to address the request of the EU Desk Officer. This includes a detailed description of the wanted performance criterion, RX-requirements and fixed limits for all requirements based on a clear test procedure.
A first collection of open points which shall be considered (in addition) are uploaded as: TGUWB[17]040001 and TGUWB(17)040007
Therefore, this EN will focus on transceivers, transmitters or receivers utilising ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies for communication purposes. These systems operate in the 3,1 to 4,8 GHz or 6 to 9 GHz region (see ECC/DEC/(06)04, Decision 2007/131/EC and its amendments).
ROBERT BOSCH GmbH, ZES BVBA, DecaWave Ltd, Novelda AS 


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
  Harmonised standard
  Better Living with ICT
Connecting Things
Home & Office
Wireless Systems
UWB (6 GHz to 9 GHz)
UWB (3,1 GHz to 4,8 GHz)
Official Journal
2021-11-19 mahler Early draft proposal in contribution ERMTGUWB(21)059029 was Noted by ERM TGUWB
2021-11-08 neirynckdri1 Draft contributed - V 0.0.1 contributed for Discussion in ERMTGUWB(21)059029 as Early draft
2021-11-08   A new draft is uploaded - V 0.0.1 with status: Early draft - with comment: First skeleton
2018-09-03 BUTSCHEI TB adoption of WI ERM, see contribution ERM(18)65b025 in RC ERM(18)DEC613
2018-07-27 MAHLER WI proposed to WG ERM TGUWB, see contribution ERM(18)65b025
2018-06-21 MAHLER WI accepted by WG ERM TGUWB, see contribution ERMTGUWB(18)045019
2018-06-21 MAHLER WI proposed to WG ERM TGUWB, see contribution ERMTGUWB(18)045019
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