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Details of 'DGR/NFV-IFA017' Work Item
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  Publication (2017-02-28) 2.1.1 2017-02-28 View Standstill Information 2016-02-23
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonized Standard
  Marc Flauw Laurent Vreck No
Title Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Release 2; Information Modeling; UML Modeling Guidelines
UML Modeling Guidelines 
Scope and Field
of Application
This Work Item will produce guidelines for the development of a protocol-neutral UML (Unified Modeling Language) information model for ETSI NFV. This Work Item will build upon the internal document NFV UML Modeling Guidelines developed as part of IFA015. This Work Item will address closer alignment with corresponding UML modelling guidelines from ONF and may be influenced by other partners cooperating with NFV. The deliverable will be informative 
Nokia Networks; Alcatel-Lucent; Hewlett-Packard Enterprise; TELEFONICA S.A.; Ericsson AB; Oracle Corporation; Verizon UK Ltd; ClearPath Networks; NetCracker  


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
  Fixed Networks
Official Journal
2017-07-03 vreck WI Revision. 1 WI created with Ref: DGR/NFV-IFA017ed241. Comments copied = No, Schedule copied = Default
2017-06-01 vreck WI Revision. 1 WI created with Ref: DGR/NFV-IFA017ed221. Comments copied = Yes, Schedule copied = Default
2017-02-27 vreck Final draft for approval proposal in contribution NFV(17)000010 was Accepted by NFV
2017-01-20 morerar Draft contributed - V 0.2.2 contributed for Decision in NFV(17)000010 as Final draft for approval
2017-01-18 morerar Status updated - V 0.2.2 with status: Final draft for approval
2017-01-12 morerar A new draft is uploaded - V 0.2.2 with status: Stable draft
2016-12-01 flauw A new draft is uploaded - V 0.2.1 with status: Stable draft
2016-11-07 flauw A new draft is uploaded - V 0.2.0 with status: Early draft
2016-08-22 flauw A new draft is uploaded - V 0.1.0 with status: Early draft
2016-03-08 flauw A new draft is uploaded - V 0.0.4 with status: Early draft

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