2019-06-19 Version 2.3.3
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Details of 'PWI_NFVTST_1804_v1' Work Item Schedule

Work Item Has Been STOPPED

Code Status Milestone Action Action Nb Target Achieved Version
0 Creation of WI by WG/TB Creation of WI by WG/TB     2018-05-11 2018-05-11
0 gp WI proposed to WG WI proposed to WG       2018-05-11
0 a TB adoption of WI TB adoption of WI     2018-05-11  
1 Start of work Start of work     2018-05-11  
2 Early draft Early draft        
4 Stable draft Stable draft        
6 Final draft for approval Final draft for approval        
7 WG approval WG approval     2018-05-11  
8 TB approval TB approval        
8 A Draft receipt by ETSI Secretariat Draft receipt by ETSI Secretariat     2018-05-25  
12 Publication Publication PU   2018-06-22   1.1.1

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