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December 2001 : Release of version 3.0
  • One identification step (no need to identify again for successive downloads).
  • Download improvement :
    • Possibility to download Word version (Members, Associate Members, National Standards Organizations (NSOs), Specialist Task Force (STF) members, Rapporteurs and ETSI staff).
    • Less steps to access the document to download.
  • Clear identification of the following states: "Historical", "Withdrawal" and "Withdrawn".
September 2001 : Release of version 2.6
  • New Layout
January 2001 : Release of version 2.5
  • Improvement of the search engine especially with the Deliverable numbers (e.g. TBR 9 or TBR9 or TBR 009 can be typed in). It is also possible to search for several words (max.3) using any, all or exact expression mechanisms.
  • Possibility to search from within several fields (default is all fields).
  • The identification page has been simplified.
  • The layout has been refreshed.
September 1999 : Release of version 2.0
  • Search engine based on the ETSI catalogue. The former search engine based on plain text search had limited functionality. The system allows textual search using various criteria (title, technical body, ETSI standard type and doc number)
  • Simplification of the registration process.
  • The login uses complete email address like john.smith@company.ext
  • Cosmetic changes
September 1998 : Version 1.0

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