Mapping of Areas of Mutual Interest between ETSI and O-RAN ALLIANCE




Technical Body and/or Industry Specification Group

         WG1 - Use Cases and Overall Architecture Workgroup

         WG2 - Non-real-time RIC and A1 Interface Workgroup

         WG3 - Near-Real-time RIC and E2 Interface Workgroup

         WG4 - Open Fronthaul Interfaces Workgroup

         WG5 - Open F1/W1/E1/X2/Xn Interface Workgroup

         WG6 - Cloudification and Orchestration Workgroup

         WG9 - Open X-haul Transport Workgroup

         SDFG - Standard Development Focus Group

         ETSI Mobile Standards Group (MSG)

         ISG ZSM Zero Touch Network & Service Management

         ISG NFV Network Function Virtualization

         ISG MEC - Multi-access Edge Computing

         ISG ENI - Experiential Networked Intelligence Industry

         ISG F5G Fifth Generation Fixed Network



Note: This table may from time to time be amended by the duly authorized representatives of the parties upon consultation. The current version of this table is available at the following link:


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