Milestones for T003

STFMilestone CodeDestinationTypeCut-off dateStatusAchievedDescription
T003AETSIProgress09/09/2020ApprovedYesProgress report approved by TC MTS#81
T003BETSIProgress09/11/2020ApprovedYesProgress Report approved by TC MTS by RC. Stable Drafts for T2 Deliverables made available.
T003CETSIProgress31/01/2021ApprovedYesProgress Report and final draft of deliverables from T1 approved by TC MTS#82
T003DETSIFinal31/03/2021ApprovedYesFinal Report and final drafts of all remaining deliverables approved by TC MTS by correspondence
T003EETSIDeliverable31/05/2021Cancelled Deliverables published, TTF closed
T003E1ETSIDeliverable31/08/2021ApprovedYesDeliverables published, TTF closed