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160_2019 3GPP TTCN specifications_3GPP Funded_2019 ACTIVE
160GCF_2019 3GPP TTCN specifications_GCF Funded_2019 ACTIVE
160P_2019 3GPP TTCN specifications_CTIA Funded_2019 ACTIVE
485 Harm. Stds A-SMGCS (aero) equipment ACTIVE
532 Advanced-Surface Movement Guid. & Ctrl Syst ACTIVE
536 RevEN 301 549. Adapt EU Dir acces of web & mob app ACTIVE
540 User Terminology ICT devices-services-applications ACTIVE
541 Signal Interferer handling to cover art. 3.2 RED ACTIVE
547 Secu/Priv and Interop of Std IoT Platforms ACTIVE
551 MEC Testing Framework ACTIVE
552 Enhancements and evolution in DECT ACTIVE
556 SAREF extension SEAS ACTIVE
557 NFV API Conformance test specification ACTIVE
558 POsition TIme standardisation ACTIVE
559 SmartM2M conformance testing for oneM2M spec ACTIVE
559_ONEM2M SmartM2M conformance testing for oneM2M spec ACTIVE
560 Stds Mach. Sign&Accept Etrust ACTIVE
561 Smart Cities and Communities standardisation ACTIVE
562 Stand. of Sustainable Digital Multiservice Cities ACTIVE
563 OpenAPI Specifications for NFV ACTIVE
564 DECT 2020 new radio interface - stage 2 ACTIVE
565 Specification ITS VRU service ACTIVE
566 SAREF for Auto, eHealth, W&W ACTIVE
567 Test Spec. Interoperability of DSC Marine Radios ACTIVE
568 NGN eCall-Interoperability Tests ACTIVE
569 MEC API Conformance Test Specifications ACTIVE
570 Information Model for NFV ACTIVE
571 Standardization of Sustainable & Efficient ICT ACTIVE
572 Extension of Conformance tests for TTCN-3 tools ACTIVE
573 TTCN-3 Evolution 2019 ACTIVE
574 VoLTE/ViLTE interop test description over 4G/e 5G ACTIVE
575 Methods of Listening Effort ACTIVE
DF Update of CAM and DENM test specifications CREATED
DI Update of Infrastructure services test spec. CREATED
DJ TDL and TOP Enhancements CFE
DK Methodology for RESTful APIs specs and testing CFE
DL Sh Dh validation CFE
DP SAREF Developments CFE
SPR Spectrum and Equipment Regulation ACTIVE