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160_2020 3GPP TTCN specifications_3GPP Funded_2020 ACTIVE
160GCF_2020 3GPP TTCN specifications_GCF Funded_2020 ACTIVE
160P_2020 3GPP TTCN specifications_CTIA Funded_2020 ACTIVE
485 Harm. Stds A-SMGCS (aero) equipment ACTIVE
558 POsition TIme standardisation ACTIVE
561 Smart Cities and Communities standardisation ACTIVE
563 OpenAPI Specifications for NFV ACTIVE
565 Specification ITS VRU service ACTIVE
566 SAREF for Auto, eHealth, W&W ACTIVE
569 MEC API Conformance Test Specifications ACTIVE
570 Information Model for NFV ACTIVE
573 TTCN-3 Evolution 2019 FINISHED
574 VoLTE/ViLTE interop test description over 4G/e 5G ACTIVE
575 Methods of Listening Effort ACTIVE
576 Methodology for RESTful APIs specs and testing ACTIVE
577 TDL and TOP Enhancements ACTIVE
578 SAREF Developments ACTIVE
579 Sh Dh validation ACTIVE
582 Analysis to Standardisation ACTIVE
583 NFV API Conformance test spec. ACTIVE
584 AI for IoT ACTIVE
585 Multi-Channel Operation (MCO) for support of Day 2 ACTIVE
586 OpenAPI Specifications for NFV ACTIVE
587 MEC Sandbox scenarios ACTIVE
588 Identity Proofing for Trust Service Subjects ACTIVE
589 Semantic Discov Query oneM2M ACTIVE
590 Methods for Objective assessment of Listening Effo ACTIVE
DR DECT 2020 new radio interface CANCELLED
T001 SSP Test Specification ACTIVE
T002 Update of Infrastructure services test specificat. ACTIVE
T003 TTCN-3 Maintenance and Testing 2020 PREPARATION
T004 Testing Framework for NGSI-LD ACTIVE
T005 New ETSI speech codec PREPARATION