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 MTS(22)000053TTF023 Progress Report M AAcceptedETSIOther
 MTS(22)000052Application form TST WG chair_ Sacha HackelAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)087009Call for candidate MTS WG TST Chair positionAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)087008MTS87 and TDL WG progress and actionsAvailableOU ElviorOther
 MTS(22)087007TTF T023 progress/status reportAvailableFraunhofer FOKUSOther
 MTS(22)000050Proposal for a Common Classification of AI Systems based on Methods and CapabilitiesAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)000049UCAAT_ Call for HostAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)000047r1MTS#87 AgendaAvailableETSIAgenda
 MTS(22)087006LS IN from ITU SG 13 on LS on Establishment of the Correspondence Group for datasets applicable for AI/ML in networks (CG-datasets for AI/ML in networks)AvailableETSILSin
 MTS(22)087005Draft - DTS/MTS-TST10SecTest_IoTmodule v "IoT security module testing"AvailableCERTHCR
 MTS(22)087004ETSI Software Development Group proposalAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)087003TTF T022 - Progress Report for ETSIAvailableOU ElviorOther
 MTS(22)087002Draft - DTS/MTS-TST10SecTest_IoTmodule v "IoT security module testing"WithdrawnCERTHDraft
 MTS(22)087001Draft - DTR/MTS-TST11Sec_IoTconf v "IoT security architecture conformity"AvailableDeutsche Telekom AGDraft
 MTS(22)000047MTS#87 AgendaRevisedETSIAgenda
 MTS(22)000045TDL_TOP ToR 2023AcceptedETSIOther
 MTS(22)000044LS to ITU SG17 TTCN-3 2022AcceptedETSILSout
 MTS(22)000043MTS Update for Board#138AvailableInstitut für InformatikOther
 MTS(22)086020MTS TDL statusAvailableSiemens AGOther
 MTS(22)086019Proposed Scope of anticipated ETSI - ISO/IEC JTC1 liaison resp. co-operationAvailableISO/IEC JTC 1 SecretariatOther
 MTS(22)086018TTF T014 presentation - Conformance testing taskAvailableBroadbitOther
 MTS(22)086017Testing ML-based SystemsAvailableFraunhofer FOKUSOther
 MTS(22)086016IoT security module testingAcceptedFraunhofer FOKUSNWI
 MTS(22)086015IoT security architecture conformityWithdrawnFraunhofer FOKUSNWI
 MTS(22)086014IoT security architecture conformityAcceptedFraunhofer FOKUSNWI
 MTS(22)086012r1IML4E_CABCAvailableFraunhofer FOKUSOther
 MTS(22)086013UCAAT 2022 status updateAvailableSiemens AGOther
 MTS(22)086010r1MTS#86 AgendaAvailableETSIAgenda
 MTS(22)086012IML4E_CABCRevisedFraunhofer FOKUSOther
 MTS(22)000042Call ofr hostAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)000041UCAAT GuideAvailableETSIOther
 MTS(22)086011Proposal of two NWIs for WG TST: IoT Security Testing AvailableFraunhofer FOKUSOther
 MTS(22)000040TDL Reference Implementation and User GuidelinesAcceptedSiemens AGNWI
 MTS(22)000039TDL Part 8 Textual SyntaxAcceptedSiemens AGNWI
 MTS(22)000038TDL Part 1 Meta ModelAcceptedSiemens AGNWI
 MTS(22)086010MTS#86 AgendaRevisedETSIAgenda
 MTS(22)000037NWI 103 663-3 v141AcceptedETSINWI
 MTS(22)000036NWI 103 663-2 v1.4.1AcceptedETSINWI
 MTS(22)000035NWI 103 663-1 v141AcceptedETSINWI
 MTS(22)000034NWI 103 255 v 181AcceptedETSINWI
 MTS(22)000033NWI 103254 v1.8.1AcceptedETSINWI
 MTS(22)000032NWI 103253 v1.8.1AcceptedETSINWI
 MTS(22)086009Draft - RTS/MTS-1036633v131 v1.0.0 (TS 103 663-3 )AcceptedBroadbitDraft
 MTS(22)086008Draft - RTS/MTS-1036632v131 v1.0.0 (TS 103 663-2 )AcceptedBroadbitDraft
 MTS(22)086007Draft - RTS/MTS-103663v131 v1.0.0 (TS 103 663-1 )AcceptedBroadbitDraft
 MTS(22)086006Draft - RTS/MTS-103255v171 v1.0.0 (TS 103 255 )AcceptedBroadbitDraft
 MTS(22)086005Draft - RTS/MTS-103254v171 v1.0.0 (TS 103 254 )AcceptedBroadbitDraft