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 ETI(22)000042Draft - DGR/ETI-002 v0.0.6 "Requirements analysis"AvailableCadzow CommunicationsDraft
 ETI(22)000041Zero trust overview presentationAvailableCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000040Summary meeting report ETI#22ReservedChairReport
 ETI(22)000039Agenda and timetable ETI#22AvailableChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000038Additional summary in Implementation of the EU Council Resolution on EncryptionAcceptedRapporteurOther
 ETI(22)000037Summary meeting report ETI#21ReservedChairReport
 ETI(22)000036Agenda ETI#21ReservedChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000032r1Refresh of press release planningAcceptedCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000028r1Agenda ETI#20AcceptedChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000035Draft - DGR/ETI-002 v0.0.5 "Requirements analysis"AvailableCadzow CommunicationsDraft
 ETI(22)000034Implementation of the EU Council Resolution on EncryptionAcceptedCISDraft
 ETI(22)000033NIS2 Legislative Preamble and Provisions related to encryptionNotedCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000032Refresh of press release planningRevisedCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000031Summary of direction of ETI 003 and plan for developmentWithdrawnCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000030Summary of direction of ETI 002 and plan for completionNotedCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000029Summary meeting report ETI#20AcceptedChair,SecretaryReport
 ETI(22)000028Agenda ETI#20RevisedChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000027NIS2 impact on ETI (and vice versa)WithdrawnCadzow CommunicationsNWI
 ETI(22)000026LSIN from ISG F5G on Threat Vulnerability Risk Analysis and Countermeasure RecommendationsAvailable (Postponed)F5GLSin
 ETI(22)000024r2Proposal for press releaseAvailableCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000024r1Proposal for press releaseRevisedCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000025Proposal for NWI to add NIS2 reviewAvailableCadzow CommunicationsNWI
 ETI(22)000024Proposal for press releaseRevisedCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000023NIS2 impact on ETI work programmeAvailableCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000022Summary report from ETI#19AcceptedChairReport
 ETI(22)000021Agenda ETI#19AvailableChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000020APPLICATIONS for the positions of ISG ETI Chair and Vice-ChairAvailableETSIOther
 ETI(22)000019Draft - DGS/ETI-003 v0.0.2 "Integration strategies and techniques"AvailableCadzow CommunicationsDraft
 ETI(22)000012r1Agenda ETI#18AcceptedVice ChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000018Call for Candidates for the positions of ISG ETI Chair and Vice-ChairAvailableETSIOther
 ETI(22)000017Draft - DGR/ETI-002 v0.0.4 "Requirements analysis"AvailableCadzow CommunicationsDraft
 ETI(22)000016NIS2 Revised Directive discussion of encryptionAvailableCISOther
 ETI(22)000015Update to Requirements DocumentAcceptedPalo Alto Networks B.V.Other
 ETI(22)000014Edits_to_Zero_trust_and_its_role_in_ETIAvailablePalo Alto Networks B.V.Other
 ETI(22)000013Summary meeting report ETI#18AcceptedVice ChairReport
 ETI(22)000012Agenda ETI#18RevisedVice ChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000011Draft - DGR/ETI-006 v0.0.1 "Encryption Resolution Implementation"NotedRapporteurDraft
 ETI(22)000010Implementation of the EU Council Resolution on EncryptionAcceptedCISNWI
 ETI(22)000003r1Agenda ETI#17AcceptedVice ChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000009Update on ETI developmentsAvailableCISOther
 ETI(22)000008Update to Requirements DocumentAvailablePalo Alto Networks B.V.Other
 ETI(22)000007Revision of ToR in anticipation of 2nd term of ISG ETIAvailableChair,Vice Chair,ETSI SecretariatOther
 ETI(22)000006Notes on TC CYBER activity and its impact on ETIAvailableCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000005Zero trust and its role in ETIAvailableCadzow CommunicationsOther
 ETI(22)000004Summary meeting report of ETI#17AcceptedVice ChairReport
 ETI(22)000003Agenda ETI#17RevisedVice ChairAgenda
 ETI(22)000002Update to Requirements DocumentWithdrawnPalo Alto Networks B.V.Other
 ETI(22)000001LS IN from ETSI Board TREND on status and request for feedbackAvailableBOARD TRENDLSin