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 NSO(21)058006Survey Answers (analysis)ReservedETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)058005Survey Answers (Raw data - summary + detailed answers)AvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)058004Survey Questions (for reference)AvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)057007Paragraph on promotional materialAvailableDKEOther
 NSO(21)057006DKE comments on draft NSO agreementAvailableDKEOther
 NSO(21)057004r2NSO agreement - use of promotional materialAvailableDKE,A.S.I.,OVE,asut,Dansk Standard,ITS,UNMZ,ELOT,HZN,SIST,CYS,ASRO,PKNCR
 NSO(21)057004r1NSO agreement - use of promotional materialRevisedA.S.I.,ASRO,asut,CYS,Dansk Standard,DKE,ELOT,HZN,ITS,OVE,SIST,UNMZCR
 NSO(21)057005Draft text of NSO Agreement (same as NSO(21)056008)AvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)057004a3Annex 1 to the Progress Report from the Director-GeneralAvailableDKEOther
 NSO(21)057004a2ETSI Secretariat Activity Plan 2021AvailableDKEOther
 NSO(21)057004a1Revised draft NSO agreement with promotional materialAvailableDKE,A.S.I.,OVE,asut,Dansk Standard,ITSCR
 NSO(21)057004NSO agreement - use of promotional materialRevisedA.S.I.,asut,Dansk Standard,DKE,ITS,OVECR
 NSO(21)058003Report of NSO #57ReservedETSI SecretariatReport
 NSO(21)057003Report of NSO #56AvailableETSI SecretariatReport
 NSO(21)058002Draft agenda for NSO #58ReservedChairmanOther
 NSO(21)058001NSO #58 meeting invitationReservedETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)057002Draft agenda for NSO #57AvailableETSI SecretariatAgenda
 NSO(21)057001NSO #57 meeting invitationAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056002r3Draft agenda for NSO #56AvailableChairmanOther
 NSO(21)056012Status update on standardisation requestsAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056011Update on the Committee on StandardsAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056010Presentation on EN annual production and report on transposition AvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056002r2Draft agenda for NSO #56RevisedChairmanOther
 NSO(21)056002r1Draft agenda for NSO #56RevisedChairmanOther
 NSO(21)056009Towards a shorter ENAP - NSO surveyAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056008NSO Agreement - clean version before signatureAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056007Proposals to the ETSI Board and GA affecting NSOsAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056006Report and data on transpositionAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056005Update on EN and Harmonised ENs productionAvailableETSI SecretariatOther
 NSO(21)056004Draft minutes of NSO #55AvailableChairmanReport
 NSO(21)056003Draft minutes of NSO #54AvailableChairmanReport
 NSO(21)056002Draft agenda for NSO #56RevisedChairmanOther
 NSO(21)056001NSO #55 meeting invitationAvailableETSI SecretariatOther