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SMARTBAN(24)034004 Other
Smart BAN Technology Page on ETSI website
Available Discussion SmartBAN#34
SMARTBAN(24)034003 Other
TC SmartBAN Chair Candidate - Lorenzo Mucchi
Accepted Decision SmartBAN#34
SMARTBAN(24)033015 Other
Presentation status of the RTS/SmartBAN-009r1 and DTS/SmartBAN-0015
Noted Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033014 Other
CNIT-UNIFI Updates about DTR-SmartBAN-001 & DTR-SmartBAN-0010
Noted Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033013 Agenda
SmartBAN meeting 33 Draft Agenda Updated
Accepted Decision SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033012 Draft
Draft - DTS/SmartBAN-0016 v0.0.2 (TS 103 887 ) "SmartBAN Coordinator"
Noted Discussion SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033011 Other
Noted Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033010 Draft
Draft - DTS/SmartBAN-0018 v0.0.5 (TS 103 805 )
Accepted Decision SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033009 Other
Call for Candidates for the position of TC SmartBAN Chair
Noted Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033008 Draft
Draft - DTS/SmartBAN-0019 v0.0.5 (TS 103 806 )
Accepted Decision SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)034002 Report
SmartBAN#34 Meeting Report
Reserved Decision SmartBAN#34
SMARTBAN(24)034001 Agenda
Agenda SmartBAN#34
Available Decision SmartBAN#34
SMARTBAN(24)033007 Draft
Draft - DTR/SmartBAN-0021 v1.1.2 (TR 103 944 ) "SmartBAN Coordinator"
Accepted Decision SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033006 Draft
Draft - DTS/SmartBAN-0019 v0.0.4 (TS 103 806 )
Noted Decision SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033005 Other
Information from OCGRED (OCG RED-EMCD#85 draft meeting report)
Noted Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033004 Other
Information from ETSI BOARD (Board#145 draft minutes, decisions and actions)
Noted Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033003 Other
Information from OCG
Withdrawn Information SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033002 Report
Draft Meeting Report
Available Decision SmartBAN#33
SMARTBAN(24)033001 Other
Withdrawn Decision