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National Work programmes

At least once each year, all European standardisation organisations and national standardisation bodies shall establish their work programmes. The work programme shall contain information on the standards and European standardisation deliverables which they intend to prepare or amend, as well as those which they are currently preparing or amending and which they have adopted in the period of the preceding work programme (unless these are identical or equivalent transpositions of international or European standards).

National work programmes can be consulted, when available, by clicking on the links in this table:

Country Organization Work programmes
Albania General Directorate of Standardization (DPS)  
Austria Austrian Standards Institute (ASI) Austrian work programme
  OVE Austrian work programme 
Belgium NBN Belgium work programme
Bosnia and Herzegovina ISBIH Bosnia work programme
Bulgaria CRC Bulgarian work programme
Croatia HZN Croatian work programme
Cyprus CYS Cypriot work programme
Czech Republic UNMZ Czech work programme
Czech annual report
Denmark Danish Standards Danish work programme
Estonia CPTRA Estonian work programme
Estonian annual report
Finland  TRAFICOM Finnish work programme
Republic of Macedonia ISRSM Macedonian work programme
Georgia GeoSTM Georgian work programme
Germany DKE German work programme
Greece ELOT Greek work programme
Hungary MSZT  
Iceland IST Icelandic work programme        
Ireland NSAI Irish work programme
Italy Commissionne congiunta ISCOM - CEI - UNI interfaccia ETSI Italian work programme
Italian annual report
Latvia Latvian Standards (LVS) Latvian work programme
Lithuania Lithuanian Standards Board (LST) Lithuanian work programme
Luxembourg ILNAS Luxembourg work programme
Malta MCCAA Maltese work programme
Moldova (Republic of) NIS  
Montenegro  ISME  
Netherlands NEN Dutch annual report
Norway Norwegian Communications Authority Norwegian annual report
Poland PKN Polish work programme
Portugal IPQ Portugese work programme
Portugese annual report
Romania ASRO Romanian work programme
Serbia ISS Serbian work programme 
Slovakia UNMS SR Slovakian  work programme
Slovenia SIST Slovenian annual report 
Spain UNE Spanish work programme
Spanish annual report
Sweden ITS Swedish annual report
Switzerland asut Swiss annual report 
Turkey  ICTA  Turkish work programme
Ukrainia  URTRI  
United Kingdom BSI British work programme
British annual report

*Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia