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National Standards Organizations (NSOs)

ETSI participates in the production, approval and implementation of European Standards (ETSI ENs) assisted by 41 National Standards Organisations (NSOs) in 40 European countries. These NSOs have the exclusive responsibility for carrying out the standstill, public enquiry, establishment of the national position for the vote and the transposition requirements along with those relating to the withdrawal of any conflicting national standards.

Country Organization Website
Albania General Directorate of Standardization (DPS) http://www.dps.gov.al
Austria Austrian Standards Institute (A.S.I.) http://www.as-search.at/
  OVE http://www.ove.at/
Belgium NBN http://www.nbn.be/
Bosnia and Herzegovina Institute for standardization of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BAS) http://www.bas.gov.ba/
Bulgaria CRC http://www.crc.bg/
Croatia HZN http://www.hzn.hr/
Cyprus CYS http://www.cys.org.cy/
Czech Republic UNMZ http://www.unmz.cz/
Denmark Dansk Standards http://www.ds.dk/en/
Estonia Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (CPTRA) http://www.tja.ee/
Finland TRAFICOM http://www.traficom.fi/en
France AFNOR http://www.afnor.org/
Republic of Macedonia ISRSM http://www.isrm.gov.mk/
Georgia GeoSTM http://www.geostm.ge
Germany DKE http://www.dke.de/
Greece ELOT http://www.elot.gr/
Hungary MSZT http://www.mszt.hu/
Iceland IST http://www.stadlar.is/
Ireland NSAI http://www.nsai.ie/
Italia Commissionne congiunta ISCOM - CEI - UNI interfaccia ETSI http://www.ceiweb.it
Latvia Latvian Standards https://www.lvs.lv/
Lithuania Lithuanian Standards Board http://www.lsd.lt/
Luxembourg ILNAS http://www.portail-qualite.lu
Malta MCCAA http://www.mccaa.org.mt/
Moldova (Republic of)  ISM (Institute for Standardization of Moldova) http://www.standard.md 
Montenegro  ISME http://www.isme.me
Netherlands NEN http://www.nen.nl/
Norway Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) http://www.nkom.no
Poland PKN http://www.pkn.pl/
Portugal IPQ http://www.ipq.pt/
Romania ASRO http://www.asro.ro/
Serbia ISS http://www.iss.rs/
Slovakia Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMS SR) http://www.unms.sk/?home
Slovenia SIST http://www.sist.si/
Spain UNE (Spanish Association for Standardization) http://www.aenor.es/
Sweden ITS http://www.its.se/
Switzerland asut http://www.asut.ch/
Turkey  ICTA http://www.btk.gov.tr/en-US/ 
Ukrainia DSTU http://www.uas.org.ua/ua/
United Kingdom BSI http://www.bsigroup.com/