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What is "pre-processing"?

When pre-processing the deliverable, the Editor checks if the document is compliant with the ETSI Drafting Rules (EDRs):

  • compliance with WPM (multi-part (if any), procedure, schedule, etc.);

  • common text blocks used (copyright notification, IPRs, foreword, modal verbs terminology references, definitions, abbreviations);

  • references (titles, layout, public availability, etc.);

  • styles;

  • figures and tables;

  • numbering (clauses, figures, tables, annexes, examples, notes, etc.);

  • punctuation;

  • spell check;

  • history box;

  • etc.

It is not the responsibility of the Editor to carry out technical changes.

The Editor compiles all the questions/comments. The locked ETSI deliverable (see note) is then sent to the rapporteur or expert with the Officer and the TB Chairman in copy.

NOTE: The deliverable is restricted and all changes are tracked.

When the rapporteur or expert sends back her/his answers, the deliverable is updated, the Editor then asks the Officer to check and sign off the deliverable so that it can either be published or sent on procedure (AP, V, MV).