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What is the difference beween "approved", "before TB approval", "clean-up" and "editorial changes"?

It is important to know what the differences are between the above mentioned categories.

Approved (by TB)

  • The deliverable has been approved by the Technical Body and will go through a complete pre-processing by editHelp!. It should be published/sent on approval procedure as soon as possible.

Before TB approval

  • The deliverable has not yet been approved by the Technical Body. editHelp! prepares the deliverable to make sure that as soon as it is approved it can be published or sent on procedure. This process can significantly improve the production time if handled properly (sent for registration at least 3 weeks before approval and no changes made in parallel).


  • The deliverable could be sent during the drafting stage (e.g. to get a clean version for a meeting). A quick pre-processing (ETSI styles, figure/table numbering, etc.) is done by editHelp! within a short delay and potential problems are highlighted.
  • It is important to remember that no further work shall be carried out on the deliverable while editHelp! is doing the clean-up.

Editorial changes to an existing publication

  • editHelp! corrects the deliverable and publishes it straight away. This process can only be used when small editorial changes are involved and the deliverable has been recently published.