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Standards Making Process (SMP)

The objective of the ETSI Standards Making Process (SMP) is to convert market needs for standardization in the ICT area into ETSI deliverables (specifications, standards, norms, guides and reports) used in the market place.

The main direct support to the SMP is provided by ETSI Operations (OPS) Centre of the ETSI Secretariat.

The operation of the SMP in the Technical Organization is governed by the ETSI Directives, in particular the Technical Working Procedures (TWPs), and the ETSI Drafting Rules (EDRs). The processes, tasks and procedures of the ETSI Secretariat are governed by the Secretariat's Quality Management System documentation, notably that of ETSI Operations Centre.

While the drafting process is, in principle, the same for all ETSI deliverables, the process elements of the adoption procedure depends on the type of deliverable being edited.

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