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Working environment

STF work is done partly in common working sessions in the ETSI premises of Sophia Antipolis or another convenient place and partly from the experts' home office.

How to come in ETSI:

The dates for the sessions and the contribution from the homework are agreed between the experts and the STF Leader as much as possible when the STF is set-up. 

The STF Leader is responsible to monitor, control and propose updates of the work plan, according to the actual progress of the project.

ETSI will provide office space, meeting facilities, IT and logistics support for the sessions in ETSI.  

The Leader must inform the STF Support team (FPS department) of any requests to change the sessions plan, to confirm the availability of offices. In the Einstein Building, FPS’s offices can be found from room EA128 to EA131 (there is a map in the hall).

Sessions in the ETSI premises are also recommended to coordinate with the ETSI Secretariat services:

Access Rights: STF experts are entitled to have an EoL account for the duration of their secondment, even if they are not directly ETSI Members. If not, please contact:

Sessions plan is managed from the Timesheet Application (contact for more information).

An User Guide is available here.


Working sessions should be synchronized with TB meetings, in order to ensure coordination.

STF Support ( can provide help to organize an "Induction Meeting" to introduce experts in the ETSI working environment.