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 Doc nameTitleSourceDescription
 R2-152081TestETSI SecretariatOther Contribution
 R2-152082Addition of DC Operation Overview and Minor ClarificationsNokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152083Allocation of LCID in DCNokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152084Stage 3 Details of BSR ReportingNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152085Discussion on PDCP discard with Split BearerNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152086MTC considerations concerning SIB schedulingGemalto N.V.Other Contribution
 R2-152087Latency analysis for UE-to-Network Relay scenarios of GCSE_LTEIIIOther Contribution
 R2-152088Further considerations on the Multiflow 3F-4C configuration and specification impact analysisNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152089Introduction of the Multiflow 3F-4C configuration in TS 25.308Nokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152090Introduction of the Multiflow 3F-4C configuration in TS 25.331Nokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152091Introduction of the Multiflow 3F-4C configuration in TS 25.321Nokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152092Introduction of the Multiflow 3F-4C configuration in TS 25.302Nokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152093Clarification for the extended cell ID reporting in inter-frequency measured results on RACHNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152094Simultaneous reconfiguration and active set update proceduresNokia Networks 
 R2-152095Mobile originated voice calls with enhanced DL/UL for CELL_FACHNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152096Clarification on DRB releaseHTCChange Request (CR)
 R2-152097Considerations for longer DRX configuration optionsNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152098Extended DRX impact on idle mode UE measurement and cell reselectionAcer IncorporatedOther Contribution
 R2-152099BSR Triggering for Split BearersNokia Networks, HTC, LG ElectronicsChange Request (CR)
 R2-152100Further Discussion on UP Architecture of LTE/WLAN AggregationCATTOther Contribution
 R2-152101Indoor Location Improvements utilizing WiFi, BT and Barometric Pressure MeasurementsQualcomm IncorporatedPseudo CR
 R2-152102ANR for WLAN cell detectionNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152103Mobility for LWANokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152104Control Plane Interface for LWANokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-1521053C user-plane architecture for LTE-WLAN aggregationNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152106User Plane Interface and flow control principles of LWANokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152107Allocation of LCID in DCNokia NetworksChange Request (CR)
 R2-152108RRM measurements for LTE-WLAN radio aggregation and interworkingNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152109Traffic steering command for Rel-13 WLAN InterworkingNokia NetworksOther Contribution
 R2-152110SIB scheduling for low complexity MTCNokia NetworksOther Contribution
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