Commitee Support Staff * Sylwia Korycinska

Sylwia Korycinska

Technical Officer

Sylwia joined ETSI Secretariat in 2017 as a Technical Officer and she provides support for ETSI Technical Committees and an Industry Specification Group. She currently supports TC CABLE, TC NTECH and ISG ENI.

In 2009 she obtained her Master of Science Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland and since then she has been working in wireless domain with mobile phone vendors. Firstly in Samsung as a Protocol Engineer where she was responsible for testing of a modem LTE software in cooperation with network providers.

In 2013 she moved to France to continue her working experience with NVIDIA as Modem Validation Engineer. Similar to the previous company she was testing and validating modem software (LTE part) and providing technical support for clients during a certification process.