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Ease of use is a key factor for the commercial success of any telecommunication product or service. The growing complexity of telecommunication services and equipment makes this aspect more and more important. Amongst other tasks, TC HF is working on the Man-Machine Interface (MMI) aspects. Contributions are provided in the following areas:


User interfaces for the Internet

Mobile communications like Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)

Multimedia and Videotelephony

User interfaces for network management

Numbering, addressing and service codes

Achieved work

For the time being the following deliverables have been published:

ES 201 125 Specification of the minimum Man-Machine Interface (MMI) for
   Phase 1 UPT

ETS 300 738 Minimum Man-Machine Interface (MMI) to public network based
   supplementary services

TCTR 004 Harmonisation of code schemes as minimum Man Machine
   Interface for Telecommunication Terminals.


In order to ensure an harmonized future standard development a set of technical reports titled "Assessment and definition of a harmonized minimum man-machine interface (MMI) for accessing and controlling public network based supplementary services" has been published as follows:

ETR 261-1  Part 1: General approach and summary of findings;

ETR 261-2: Part 2: Literature review - Memory and related issues for dialling
   supplementary services using number codes;

ETR 261-3: Part 3: Experimental comparison of two MMIs - Simulated UPT
   access and prototype ISDN supplementary services;

ETR 261-4: Part 4: Experimental comparison of the effect of categorized and
   non-categorized formats within user instructions;

ETR 261-5: Part 5: Experimental evaluation of the CEPT and GSM code 

ETR 261-6: Part 6: Survey of existing PSTN, ISDN and mobile networks, and a
   user survey of supplementary service use within Centrex and PBX

ETR 261-7: Part 7: Experimental evaluation of draft ETS 300 738.

Future developments

Currently studies are being carried out to draft MMI Guidelines for Emergency Services Equipment (DEG/HF-00040) and an MMI report on the basic elements of mobile telecommunication devices and services (DEG/HF-00041).

More information

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CEPT Conférence des administrations Européennes des Postes et Télècommunications
MMI Man-Machine Interface
GSM Global System for Mobile communications
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
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